Traditionalists with a capital “T”. Wine is produced in the vineyard, and only afterwards in the winery. For the Sordo brothers of the Pugnane wine cellar - a family with strong ties to the land, and to its most precious fruit: the grape - the harvest is the final step which completes the job.

Azienda Agricola PUGNANE dei F.LLI SORDO
Via PUGNANE, 8 - 12060 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO (CN) - ITALY - Telefono e Fax: 0173 / 62885 - E-mail:
Sede Legale: Via Pugnane, 4 - 12060 Castiglione Falletto (CN) - P.Iva: 00700070048 - N.REA: 210575 - Iscrizione Registro Imprese: 567121/1996 Cuneo
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