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The Sordo brothers: wine producers by tradition. A story that began in the ’30s, when grandfather Enrico used to grow and sell grapes. The years passed, and by 1950 the farm was producing and selling its own wine. Then during the ‘60s and ’70s Enrico’s son Giovanni began selling bottled wine in Piedmont and the neighbouring regions. The business gradually grew, and new blood and know-how arrived with the next generation going by the names of Enrico and Franco. As an agronomist and a winemaker they proved a perfect match, and processing techniques were improved. In the ‘80s the winery made its début in the world of trade fairs, and there was no lack of success.
New land was purchased in the ‘90s to join the farm in Castiglione Falletto, while the market expanded in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the United States and Japan. Now Giovanni, Enrico and Franco work alongside each other, with the experience of the former combining with the lively approach of the latter two in a blend that continues to uphold the values of tradition, and of the family.
Azienda Agricola PUGNANE dei F.LLI SORDO
Via PUGNANE, 8 - 12060 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO (CN) - ITALY - Telefono e Fax: 0173 / 62885 - E-mail: pugnane@pugnane.it
Sede Legale: Via Pugnane, 4 - 12060 Castiglione Falletto (CN) - P.Iva: 00700070048 - N.REA: 210575 - Iscrizione Registro Imprese: 567121/1996 Cuneo
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