The Winery
«Delivering great grapes to the winery». A concept that encapsulates a great truth: the essential nature of the work carried out in the vineyard, tending the grapes so that they reach their appointment with the harvest packed with quality. This is the secret that distinguishes Pugnane. A fundamental element that merges with traditional wine-making methods, which are matched in turn by new techniques that add a further dimension to produce the longed-for quality. «The wine must taste of the grapes»: this is Enrico and Franco’s guiding principle, and the ageing of the Barolo in casks of Slavonian oak holding 30/50 Hl confirms it. A cellar that embodies tradition and gives the right scope to technology. A cellar that focuses on wine which originates in the vineyard, and which - in its highly-prized tasting qualities - bears with it the real essence of the producer’s work throughout the process.
Azienda Agricola PUGNANE dei F.LLI SORDO
Via PUGNANE, 8 - 12060 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO (CN) - ITALY - Telefono e Fax: 0173 / 62885 - E-mail:
Sede Legale: Via Pugnane, 4 - 12060 Castiglione Falletto (CN) - P.Iva: 00700070048 - N.REA: 210575 - Iscrizione Registro Imprese: 567121/1996 Cuneo
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